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I have been a huge fan and supporter of Evernote since long before I met and was a co presenter with Evernote’s founder and former CEO, Phil Libin in Silicon Valley. Since then I’ve recommended to friends family and many others I interact with since I felt it was the best note taking app.
I was also a paying subscriber for a few years. Since I don’t need premium features, I am a free subscriber but I would have gladly paid if I needed the premium usage tier. Over the years, MBA’s or people have decided to dilute the value of the note taking app Evernote by making it more annoying and a royal pain to remain a free user.
Because I’ve been around for a long time, I am certain based on revisionist history podcast that my timeline and memory won’t be 100% correct, but here goes.
  • The amount of data (and therefore notes) that could be uploaded was limited.
  • The number of devices you could sync data to was limited
  • Offline notes don’t work when connected to WiFi
When I travel, as I am now, I will often create content (I am currently on a plane between Austin and NYC) and I discovered that I could no longer use Evernote as a free tier unless I am connected to WiFi. This comes at a time when the iOS notes app has improved but is still not presently my favorite.
That lack of functionality, no offline Sync has pushed me from someone who thought the app was great to a detractor. I paid for WiFi on the flight to find another app and am in the process of moving from Evernote.
Freemium is great, but constantly adjusting plans that have no material cost to Evernote to push me to pay makes me feel like I’m in an abusive relationship and can cause an opposite reaction. As we site, Evernote is not on my home screen, Bear App is and I don’t expect that to change.
Companies exist to serve customers and solve problems. Not offering freemium is great and I support companies deciding how to handle that based on their situation. What I don’t like, and I don’t think anyone likes is being retraded and renegotiating that deal on a regular basis.
I want to share the articles that helped me find Bear App.

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