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Is the camera in the corner of the store on? Does the camera in that taxi cab really work? Is there a complex algorithm determining the ads you are shown in your email? Does it really matter either way? Process improvement and process creation is paramount in the long term when building a sustainable business. In the short term however, the perception of a process and a system is often good enough. An old saying I love, especially when trying something new is SCI (Swivel Chair Integration). SCI is taking data or processes and manually processing or handling it until there is enough of a set procedure, process ans/or enough volume to justify the investment in a system that cost more to build but can handle more concurrent customers. For example, do we need to build a fully automated customer ticket response system, or is a contact form checked once or twice a day sufficient? If the general perception of is there is a complex system and the response is as expected, the reality is less important.   Whether you are looking for the complex processes or the SCI, Mandell Enterprises can help you conquer your current business challenges. Contact Us to discuss, we love pushing you past your blocks and making you richer.  

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