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Eating in: late night for the lazy

By: Kathryn Brand

It’s 2 a.m. and I’m two pages into my 10-page econ paper. My mouth feels like sandpaper and my forehead’s dripping sweat. I can’t leave the room, but I can order from DC Snacks.

Just a click away, at DC Snacks.com, I ordered some Sunchips, Newman’s Own salsa and tried out a Metromint Lemon Mint Water. It had a subtle freshness to it, unlike those saccharin-laced Dasani flavors. Delivery to my home was quick. My small order incurred a $2 delivery fee, but, if time is money, those two bucks were certainly worth the studying I did as, a prompt 45 minutes later, I clicked away on my keyboard sipping my minty water. Since the delivery fee is waived for orders above $15, here are some suggestions from DC Snacks’ finest that you can share with some friends.

The first date: Stay in this Friday night and get to know each other. Buy a previously- viewed DVD like Next Friday for just $9.99 and some microwave popcorn.

The second date: Want to stay in with the old lady again? This time, forget the bad DVDs and splurge on some Coolwhip. Choose from three types of Trojans: magnum, twisted or vibrating and a nice selection of lube. Take that, Vittles!

Friday night special: DC Snacks caters to those who want to go out, but can’t get themselves in gear. With ping-pong balls, a slew of energy drinks and a page of mixers, a bike-bound delivery man will bring the party to you.

The morning after: Grab a Naked Green Machine Smoothie and chew on some Aleve while your roommate chills your Frappuchino coffee drink and whips up some pancakes, courtesy of Aunt Jemima.

The Sunday afternoon: Remember that D.A.R.E. commercial where the kid is too much of pothead to get off the couch? Well, I bet he wishes he had DC Snacks. Get your Goldn’t Honey Dutchies brought straight to you along with a Bic lighter. Throw in some Funyuns, Sour Patch Kids and a Yoohoo! and it’ll be time for “Family Guy” before you’ve forgotten what you ordered.

In short, DC Snacks is a vending machine, Dominos, Vittles and CVS all in one, delivered right to your door long after Wisey’s has closed. As an added kick in the pants to the Jesuits, a single condom is tucked inside each order; this site really knows what staying in is all about.

For more information, check out www.dcsnacks.com. The service is open from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. on weeknights and 4 a.m. on weekends, and its delivery area covers all of GW’s and Georgetown’s surroundings, including Burlieth.

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