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There’s a restaurant in New York, one of many, that serves average to poor quality Indian food. By all rational and reasonable accounts, it should go out of business. But there’s this one thing different about this restaurant… it looks great on camera.     This is a restaurant not optimized for taste, but for images people take showing they’ve been there. Read a longer article in Thrillist. This is one of the many experiences today that aren’t very good at what they arguably should be but are amazing at being shared.  This happened on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic where we had to get the milkshakes which are served 1x per day in 1 lobby, there are maybe 30 made each day. The doughnut is stale, milkshakes are hard to mess up and are good, but this is made for social media.   The main thing we have to decide is, what are we doing something for? Are we in it for the love of the craft and love and end product where we don’t care about the ambiance or location, or are we in it for the social. Business owners can craft any experience we want, the question is… what is the end result?   On other thought that crossed my mind is… do people actually eat at the restaurant and is it more profitable, or do people come to this BYO restaurant, sit and order an appetizer for a table of 5 and the restaurant owner walks away with $10 of revenue for 45 mins of time?    

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