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We recently brought on an amazing person, who is helping us manage content.
For the first step I made a video and sent it to her to start implementing and also sent it another team member to be turned into a process, I love me some process.
When it came to the next step, I realized I was going to be traveling to a conference and I wasn’t sure if I could get video process setup before I left.

How to NOT be a bottleneck?

I told Cari, I am going to do what I can and will document it in our task management tool. However it’s important to get this done and I want to make sure you’re supported.
If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow move on without me.  Instead of waiting, talk to someone else on the team who and don’t be afraid to fail since we’re in testing and learning mode. Not only are we in learning mode, but it was my fault for not giving her instructions so we could succeed so any possible failure, would be even MORE my fault for failing her.
What this accomplished was the ability to not be a bottleneck, offer my input if I have time but not slow down the company, demoralize or devalue staff.
As I wrote this on a plane, having not had time to accomplish much despite working later than I would have liked, I know that things will go on without me… probably better than I would have done on my own.

Here’s what I did that can be repeated.

  1. Take responsibility making sure the tools the team needs are on me mentally, not them.
  2. Offer help, but time box it giving permission to go on without you using their judgement if you don’t respond.
  3. Providing another source of feedback or info if needed.
If you have questions, shoot me an email matt [at]

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