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Having been in the internet works with over 100,000 transactions, I have found a big problem with online and accounting. No accounting system I have found integrates well with traditional computer accounting systems. While accounting was one of the first areas to be automated by computers, web software (in my estimation) has not handled this data well. While there are huge systems that cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to integrate with extensive accounting systems, there is a hole in the market for smaller companies. If you are looking to work with the large systems, give my friend Tom McFayden a call, but I am not at that level right now. My current customer relationship management (CRM) system for CityCentric is Fat Free CRM. While I love the open source and easy to develop backend of Fat Free, I want to have the double entry accounting and management of QuickBooks for each customer. With WordPress managing a front end, FatFree CRM managing my CRM, PayFlow Pro managing my payment processing and QuickBooks managing my bank account and bills, there is too much going on at once. Right now, I am working on solving this problem and I will keep you updated, but if you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know.

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