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In 2014 I purchased and subsequently owned an operated a jewelry manufacturing company. We had a few hundred customers, mostly gift and jewelry stores but one kept outselling all of the others by multiples. We couldn’t figure out why exactly…. then I visited the store and it became clear. They really tested the product and committed to it. By that I mean, they didn’t order 10 pieces and stick it in a corner, they ordered 200 pieces and had a wall 20 feet tall with product that was 10 ft wide (Can’t put my hands on that photo). When I was there, we had a full oversized table that looked like the company believed and wanted to be involved with the brand.   Comparing this store to others who would have a small opening order. I always knew that they were shopping for themselves, didn’t have the cash or didn’t believe in the product. Retrospectively, we should have done a better job of getting people to invest more and being a better vendor since most of these stores were selling much less than they could have been by building focus and committing to a few brands they believed in instead of saying yes to 100 brands and becoming the wandering generality in their customers minds.   The question is… what are you saying yes to? By definition are you being true to that yes and saying No to many other things.   The worst times in my life were following through on the abundance of yes’s.  

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