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Digital marketing is very much a mix of art and science. The recent lawsuit concerning the Papa John’s texting scandal has not only brought to light some of the flawed digital marketing tactics that many organizations are using to get ahead of their competitors, but has set a prime example for exactly what businesses using digital marketing should not do. In today’s age, everyone is in the ‘more for less’ mindset; we want things and we want them now. Digital marketing seems to be the perfect fit for the lifestyle of today’s businesses and consumers. However, at one point or another we have all been on a webpage that is littered with ads from left to right. And what do we do? Ignore it! But the key to reaching your audience is not in having the messages that are large in quantity or size- instead it lies in engaging your customer and keeping them engaged. So what should you avoid when using digital marketing to reach your customers? 1.) Walking in without a game plan. The key to any form of marketing is strategy and digital is no different. For instance, don’t think that if you stick a single ad on any webpage that you will receive a significant increase in leads. Instead, research what webpages your audience visits and place an ad there. 2.) Overwhelming customers. As previously discussed, we are a culture steeped in the “more for less” mindset. However, bombarding your customers with 500,000 text messages is not the way to gain customer engagement. Instead, you will gain a $250 million class action lawsuit and some very bad PR. At Mandell Enterprises, we are here to do the work for you, and provide you with the most effective digital marketing strategy for your business. In this day and age, no business, large or small, can afford to miss out of the digital marketing movement. With Mandell Enterprises you will get the quality leads you want through the use of proven digital marketing strategy that seeks to target your audience without overpowering them.

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