One of the biggest myths I encounter when it comes to outsourcing is that once you’ve outsourced something you don’t have to think about it at all.   If you care about something enough to want to see it done (even if it’s not by you), you’re still going to end up feeling some concern […]

Do you remember that Esurance commercial with the old ladies who don’t understand Facebook? “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!”   Most companies’ strategies for their online presence aren’t far off the mark from this. They’re throwing around piecemeal techniques and bits of advice they’ve picked up who knows […]

What do rotten oranges have to do with hiring a contractor?   You’re at the grocery store. You’re buying oranges. Single oranges are a dollar a piece. A bag of ten oranges is eight dollars. How do you decide which is the better deal?   There are a couple metrics you can consider: price per […]

Note: This post was written in 2013, updated in 2017. My ADD stopped me from publishing it, but I felt it was worth putting it out on the web. 1. Avoid White Space Like The Plague. Those ‘geniuses’ over at Apple couldn’t be more wrong. Someone should have told Steve Jobs that his website was too clean, […]

There seems to be an unsettling trend among business owners, over process creation. Too often, we create company processes or company-wide rules based on the exception to the rule. The one person who operates outside of the lines. We get distracted by the kid in class who talks too loudly and we righteously aim to […]

I remember that WalMart was supposed to be the 'evil' huge company that came into town and wiped everything off the map. Local companies seem to be hurting themselves recently. This past weekend I went to purchase flowers. I went to a local nursery and spoke to a person trying to find a good flower […]

It was said during the .com boom that if you can't figure out what the product is, you (more accurately your data) is what's being sold. I love UI and UX and try to pay attention to changes. When Lana Del Rey's new album came out it started being played much more frequently than other […]

We enable companies to improve their online presence every day. We are constantly focused on online strategy and how each companies story is told and how they present themselves online. This typically goes deeper involving all aspects of the customer experience. I was recently speaking with a client who's site has low traffic and I […]

For 2 years of my life I directed the growth strategy of a $2.5B procurement firm. One of the many sales models we had was a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid was a commodity sale and at the top of the pyramid was trusted advisor. What does it truly mean to be a […]

As I travel the world speaking to entrepreneurs, there is a key difference between those who succeed and those who don't. The people who go out and speak to people, get their service out there faster and execute always win. Many people don't even try and sabotage themselves before they are past an immature idea. Thankfully for […]

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