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Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks GW Hatchet

Campus Snacks moves headquarters Emily O’Neill Posted: 1/31/05 Students have more late-night munchies to choose from now that Campus Snacks has moved from its Foggy Bottom headquarters to an off-campus space that is nearly three times as large. The food delivery service, now headquartered at 1776 G St., is known for its selection of ice […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks Daily Colonial

Campus Snacks expands to larger DC community Posted Thursday, January 19 2006 12:04:03 am By Kelsey Heinze The Daily Colonial CampusSnacks has changed its name. The new DCSnacks will now serve not only GW but also the surrounding area. GW alum Matthew Mandell’s idea for the company was to serve the students, and now he […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks Campus Technology

Online Student Services >> At Their Service By: Matt Villano March 2006   Campus Technology is mailed each month to 50,000 qualified senior-level management readers focusing on the use of high tech in higher education. Each issue contains feature articles, case studies, product reviews and profiles of technology use at the individual, departmental, and institutional […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks DCist

Want Ice Cream but Can't Find Your Pants? April 5, 2006 By: Adam Bailey DCist still feels a tinge of nostalgia when we see a bike messenger carrying an orange bag emblazoned with a jaunty green stick man. Is he bringing us Ben and Jerry's? Is he rushing over No-Doz so we can finish our […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks Washington Times

Snack service expands delivery By Jen Haberkorn April 10, 2006 It's Friday night and it's pouring buckets outside. You're inside, watching a movie and have a sudden craving for Ben & Jerry's. Yeah, it's full of calories but you figure it's Friday and you deserve it. The only thing stopping most people is the quest […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks Conveninece Store News

New Service Delivers Snacks to Late Night Customers April 11, 2006 New Service Delivers Snacks to Late Night Customers WASHINGTON--DC Snacks, a part c-store and part bike messenger service, is delivering convenience store items such as ice cream, pizza, and health aids, to customers' doors within 35 minutes, reported The Washington Times . "I've heard […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009


Riders Deliver Convenience Store Fare to Nation’s Capital April 18, 2006 WASHINGTON – It’s a delivery service that is part 7-Eleven, Blockbuster and CVS, writes The Washington Post. Elvin “Vinnie” Martinez is one of a dozen bicycle “riders” for a company called, notes the Post, that is bringing products typically found inside convenience, drug […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks USAToday

Wired for Safety Late Night Snacks Posted 8/27/2006 7:51 PM ET Enlarge Rave Wireless Rave Guardian alerts police if a student on the way to somewhere doesn't check in when expected. By Jessica Sidman, USA TODAY When Rachel Hanson needs to check the bus schedule, grades or dining hall menu, the sophomore at Montclair State […]

Matthew Mandell | 07/20/2009

DCSnacks Convenience Store News

Published 2/13/2007 Convenience at a Click Founded by a college student, online c-store survives and grows where other Internet retailers faltered by filling off-hours cravings Linda Lisanti Having seen other online c-stores blast into the market only to fade away a few years later, Matthew Mandell realized that if he wanted his to succeed, […]

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