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Matthew Mandell | 12/20/2010

Local Businesses and Social Media

Recently, I've heard or seen several people discussing social media management startups that primarily focus on local companies. While I think this could be an interesting idea in theory, I keep coming back to this one thought: Local business owners don't set out trying to run a Fortune 500 company.  There's a reason why they […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/08/2010

1:17 Motivational Video

If you ever feel down, this video is a quick pick you up to get back out there.  

Matthew Mandell | 12/06/2010

Brand Strategy & Customer Experience

What are the times when a customer would defect, deepen or increase the emotional connection to your brand and how can you improve them?

Matthew Mandell | 10/18/2010

When Deals Go Bad

A friend called recently and recounted a deal that fell apart after four months of negotiation. The question posed to me was, "What lesson can I take from a deal gone bad?"

Matthew Mandell | 02/23/2010

Marketing Ideas

One of my main focuses and mindshare over the past few weeks has been working on an integrated marketing strategy. While moving around the tubes, I found the video below.

Matthew Mandell | 02/16/2010


Matt Mandell, a successful entrepreneur who has built, operated and exited a few startups in my twenty and some change years. First blog post.

Matthew Mandell | 09/15/2009

K Street Katie

Late Night Munchies? to the rescue! Cookies, candies...Coca-Colas. Over 1,000 products to choose from, and all delivered to your door. What began as a fly-by-night college business idea is now the city's late night survival savior. No, it's not all fast food (and you should know, there are some veggie items to select), but […]

Matthew Mandell | 09/01/2009

GrowSmart Business: Success Story

SUCCESS STORY OF THE WEEK: Entrepreneur Matthew Mandell Uses Analytics and Innovation to Deliver Food, Drinks, and Customer Service August 13th, 2009 Author: Rachel Claremon Site: This is the first in our series of small business Success Stories that we will be featuring weekly leading up to the inaugural GrowSmallBiz Conference on Tuesday, September […]

Matthew Mandell | 08/01/2009

DCSnacks Washington Post

Click-and-Snack: The Fastest Chip in Town? Garlic Bagel. By Jose Antonio Vargas Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, April 16, 2006; Page D01 Hey, sometimes at 1:35 in the morning you just need a bag of Funyuns, a DVD of Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy" and four rolls of Charmin. That's when a guy named Vinnie pedals […]

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