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Matthew Mandell | 12/29/2017

Using Persuasion Architecture to Drive Sales

When is the last time you bought a lottery ticket?   The majority of people I know purchase them extremely rarely, usually never. They look at a lottery ticket and see a bad ROI. (My high school math teacher called the lottery a tax on people who are bad at math).   Yet with the […]

Matthew Mandell | 10/20/2017

How to Create Feedback Loops for Outsourced Projects

One of the biggest myths I encounter when it comes to outsourcing is that once you’ve outsourced something you don’t have to think about it at all.   If you care about something enough to want to see it done (even if it’s not by you), you’re still going to end up feeling some concern […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/10/2017

2 Tools for Structuring Blog Posts

I see piles of content every day. 80% of what I read leaves me thinking, “What was the point of that?” Most people seem to write and post content with no purpose whatsoever beyond the internet equivalent of enjoying the sound of their own voices, or trying to fill some b.s. post quota or word […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/08/2017

How to Really Make Money on Amazon

I know 200 people that would love to make a quick buck, but only about 2 that are willing to put in the extra time and effort it takes to make a sustainable buck.   Take selling on Amazon: I see lots of people turning to FBA selling as a little side hustle to make […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/22/2017

A Redesign is Not What’s Needed

I hear it over and over again from business owners: “We need a redesign.”   Design is not the problem.   If sales are lagging, business owners jump to the conclusion that the answer must be customers getting turned off by a less-than-sleek or confusing-to-use website.   99 times out of 100 the real problem […]

Matthew Mandell | 09/22/2017

What Rotten Oranges Can Teach You About Hiring Contractors

What do rotten oranges have to do with hiring a contractor?   You’re at the grocery store. You’re buying oranges. Single oranges are a dollar a piece. A bag of ten oranges is eight dollars. How do you decide which is the better deal?   There are a couple metrics you can consider: price per […]

Matthew Mandell | 06/22/2017

Retail is Changing: Local Companies Can’t Be Average Anymore

I remember that WalMart was supposed to be the ‘evil’ huge company that came into town and wiped everything off the map. Local companies seem to be hurting themselves recently. This past weekend I went to purchase flowers. I went to a local nursery and spoke to a person trying to find a good flower […]

Matthew Mandell | 02/02/2018

Cracking the Mystery of Sales

What makes a good salesperson? Charisma? Charm? An aptitude for reading other people? What about the ability to crunch data? Culturally, we’ve romanticized the idea of the gifted salesperson as a smooth talker who could charm just about anyone into buying just about anything. While there might be some benefit to having a talented talker […]

Matthew Mandell | 08/25/2016

Pandora Messes with Ratings

It was said during the .com boom that if you can’t figure out what the product is, you (more accurately your data) is what’s being sold. I love UI and UX and try to pay attention to changes. When Lana Del Rey’s new album came out it started being played much more frequently than other […]

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