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seo-secrets-caring-for-websiteWe enable companies to improve their online presence every day. We are constantly focused on online strategy and how each companies story is told and how they present themselves online. This typically goes deeper involving all aspects of the customer experience. I was recently speaking with a client who’s site has low traffic and I spoke about increasing speed of their site. The response was, is this needed for a site of our size? Suddenly, I had an ‘obvious after the fact’ moment.

Caring is what matters to search engines. 

The biggest SEO secrets aren’t so secret anymore. Caring is what matters. If you view your website as you would a loved child.  The goal is to provide the best of everything and to do that there is a large amount of time and energy spent researching, reading, ensuring their safety at all moments. Once you look at your online strategy, every action comes into focus. This caring can manifest itself many different ways and I see it was still an unbelievably complex and detailed mix of art and science. Pick Your Customers. Take a look below at some key areas caring has impacts your site and a difference in each of the following.
  1. Page load time: it’s been known for a long time the faster page loads the more likely Google is to favor it in the rankings. In fact the study has shown that for every 100 ms or .1 seconds delay in load time results anyone percent reduction in conversion and revenue. People who care about page load time look at more complex server options better servers as well as things like content delivery parentheses CDN) networks the focus on delivering the fastest server response and best experience to customers, they care
  2. Domain Age: It’s been known for a long time that a domain that is been registered for multiple years is look that is a good thing in Google’s eyes. Of course if we care about our name and we care about our company with thinking long-term when I thinking short-term and folks in the next few months more focus in the next few decades. Companies focused on next two decades care and are in it for the long-term and that is a good thing in Google’s eyes.
  3. Link Building: The higher the quality each link is (relevant and answering questions humans would have) the better off each company is. It’s very easy today to go on or other websites and buy very cheap machine built low quality links. Unfortunately for people buying these low cost quick fixes, it is easy for Google to see through. It’s insulting to Google and thousands of PhD’s they have working there trying to improve the quality of search to think that something purchased for $5 and less than a few seconds of time would outsmart the algorithms that have taken decades to develop. Owners who care craft content themselves, or hire firms who look to find where the audience is online and engage them on their terms.  This builds quality links and quality experiences.
  4. Content creation: This can feel unbelievably daunting, especially to someone like me where writing comes less naturally than speaking. Quality in the content game is of utmost importance. It’s quite simple to go on an outsourced website and create low-quality spun or machine written content that doesn’t look right or feel right to the average person who’s a native speaker. What really matters is creating content that is engaging valuable and causes each person who reads the content to feel you are an expert and have significant knowledge that will aide in solving their problem.
This list could go on to cover all nuances and items large and small about SCO and the search engine world but the bottom line is the people who care invest the time or resources and focus on what matters best the customer will end up gaining the top place position in Google. It can be easy to forget that What Google is trying to do is deliver the best and most relevant page on the entire Internet the millions of pages that exist on your topic.  

Content Strategy Remember:

  • Know your audience.
  • Be relevant to that audience.
  • Engage them with information they find valuable
Once you take those actions, all of a sudden search engine ranking becomes simple. If you have questions about digital marketing, contact us.

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