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Automated Voicemail Transcription

Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone the question today that we’ve got is how do we take a transcribed email or voicemail and have it run through automatically. We’re going to go to Zapier and then, my favorite tools for transcription are either Amazon, Polly, where we looked at, Amazon Polly, you’ve got Google cloud, which has a cloud speech to text. You also have services like if you want to go a little bit smaller. My favorite and the one that I actually use, um, as you can see if we jump in here is um, is, is Temi. Temi is my favorite personally, it’s what I used to transcribe this video. We want to loop it together. So we want to jump into Zapier, we can make a zap by going through and connecting that. But, what I would do is take the input of the data or the API data from the voicemail provider, then upload it to Zapier, have it transcribed using one of the services, then have it sent to an email and shoot the email out. We should be good. So that’s my first and a quick response for this Monday. Hoping for is having a great Monday. And, if you’ve got any questions, let me know. Thanks.  

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